About Us

We at Techno-Friend focus on the aspect of development where we not only add values to the product but also understands the needs and provide suggestions to simplify the work and design a better product based on our client’s need.

Techno-Friend is a Software Development and Consulting Firm which came into existence in 2001 with a mission to integrate technology with creative design and delivering the best possible services and quality software to our clients. These solutions enable our clients to fulfill their work easily within the constrained time limits.

We are specialized in providing software under the brand name of ASI or Assistant Investigator that helps various law enforcement agencies to complete their work easily. These tactical surveillance solutions are termed as innovative by industry experts and offer various advantages that help in avoiding the surveillance in advance.

These strategic solutions offered by us include ASI CDR & Tower Dump Analysis Software, ASI Crime Mapping System, ASI Search System and ASI Mobile. Apart from these solutions, we also offer various web based services such as Software Development Services, Mobile App Designing & Development Services, Data Management & Processing Services and Custom Corporate Training Services.

We can also custom design the solutions according to the requirements of our clients.


We aim to cherish our relations with our clients and serve them till our services will not be able to fully satisfy them. The main core of our services is providing consultancy to our clients that helps them to do their work more efficiently.

Service and Solution Portfolio

We are involved in offering the solutions that helps various law enforcement agencies to complete the work easily and timely.

We provide customized business services. We understand that cutting through the complexities of operational systems can be burdensome and often overwhelming. Whether part of a large enterprise or a small startup these operational systems can eat away at budgets and time.

Techno-Friend has developed solutions that take the weight off of your system resources and leverages the skills your staff possess to increase profitability and improve companywide productivity.