ASI Mobile

ASI Mobile assists users in quick analysis of CDR on their mobile devices with report generation in not more than 2 minutes.

The ASI Mobile designed for android phones is a must have for the investigators. It helps the user to analyze CDR (Received from various Mobile Operators, quickly and efficiently, regardless of difference in File Formats, Column Formats, & Operator’s Layout Formats) on their mobile phones and generate required day to day reports in less then 2 Minutes.


  • Import CDR from phone memory or card memory
  • Automatic discovery of CDR from phone
  • Easy interface
  • Google Map integrated
  • Integrated MCC/MNC finder
  • Integrated Cell Finder
  • Export Facility
  • Automatic E-mail generator
  • Copy and paste facility integrated
  • Customizable

Following reports can be generated after processing the CDR’s

  • Frequency Chart
  • Suspect – IMEI Pattern
  • Suspect – Cell ID
  • Suspect – IMSI Pattern
  • Resulted address can also be showed on Google Map