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ASI Crime Mapping is the tool that helps law enforcement agencies to analyze, visualize and map the crime patterns.

The prediction of crime is moving a step forward towards a safer world. ASI Crime Mapping System allows the law enforcement agencies to analyze, visualize and map the crime patterns using the GIS – Geographical Information System. It allows the crime analysts to identify the crime hot spots with trends and patterns of committing the crime.

The true meaning of crime mapping lies in the identification of early crime warnings and adoption of proactive approach of problem solution and crime prevention. The efforts are made for the identification of hot spots and the areas where crime is less prevailing.


  • To solve technical problems
  • To identify hot spots of crimes irrespective the boundaries of thana/district/range/zones.
  • To identify patterns and trends of crimes
  • To generate tailored reports automatically and quickly on one click.
  • To compare your thana/district to other nearby thana/district irrespective of hierarchy.
  • To assist in allocating and dislocating resources
  • For geographical profiling
  • To understand the cause of crimes
  • It supports preventive policing
  • Generate maps for beat, officers and for directed patrol missions
  • It supports fact and area base policing
  • Helps in designing crime reduction program

The patrol officers cannot know everything happening on their beats as they are there for only half a week and cannot even be expected to remember everything that happened during those shifts. The prediction of future crime locations proves tactically as well as strategically valuable for law enforcement. Different practices required for different parts of the state.

How it works:

  • Data Entry done with crime geographical data (Latitude and Longitude) in web base application
  • User and Password based authentication.
  • Bilingual (Hindi & English)
  • Dropdown base data entry form
  • Delete/edit facility